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Keys To Social Media Success

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A great place to start on your social media journey lies in studying those who have already successfully completed this journey (though they, themselves, would be the first to tell you that the journey is always evolving and definitely ongoing!) While there are actually many different “groups” of people you may follow, there are definitely some people you SHOULD follow. You’ll learn solid tactics, tips and all the latest news if you follow the sources suggested. When it comes to learning materials, subscribe to the “official” blog for each social platform you plan to specialize in. These may include:

– Facebook News, Facebook For Business

– Blog.Linkedin.com, Blog.Twitter.com, Blog.Pinterest, Googleblog, Blog.instagram.com

– New brands coming into the space looking to do business. The ‘soft sell’ is vital on social media, and it’s an interesting space to watch to see how professionals do it. Hugo Boss watches and Michael Kors are …