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6 Things to Consider When Installing Metal Roofing

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Metal roofing greatly increases the curb appeal of a business or home while keeping the structure free of leaks. It’s highly resistant to fire and hail and is a worthwhile investment in the property. However, good metal roofing isn’t cheap, and it’s important to get the best value for the money. Below are several crucial things to know about metal roofing installation.

The Type of Material

When getting a roof installed, the customer should know what kind of roofing they’re getting. Is it of the standing seam variety, with all fasteners hidden, or are the fasteners exposed? On a square of roofing, there may be about 70 exposed screws, which means there are 70 opportunities for leaks to develop.


With higher-gauge roofing, the metal is thinner. Ask the installer if the gauge they plan to use includes paint. Cheaper manufacturers use thinner metal that only reaches standard thickness when …